A How-To Guide for Your Leadership Development

Many people get thrust into leadership positions simply because they were “the best” at what they did. Unfortunately, this alone doesn’t prepare a leader for success. The How-To Series with Alan Patterson features five modules that discuss how to apply critical leadership skills. The How-To Series offers practical tools and techniques for leaders at all levels and stages in their careers.

Dr. Alan M. Patterson is an expert and specialist in leadership development. With more than three decades of international consulting experience, he is a featured speaker, workshop leader, and expert resource to several state and national professional development organizations. He is the author of Leader Evolution: From Technical Expertise to Strategic Leadership.

Course Offerings

How to Build a Base of Personal Credibility and Trust

Building credibility is a fundamental requirement for success in any role. Credibility is intentional, not a random process that “just happens.” You build credibility by delivering value to others and helping them solve their problems, not by being the smartest person in the room. Native intelligence and experience only get you so far. Without credibility, people stagnate in their careers. They become frustrated. They get passed over for promotions.

This workshop will describe how to build credibility and develop the emotional intelligence you need for professional success and greater impact on your organization or business.

How to Build a Culture of Engagement that Maximizes Trust, Accountability and Performance

Building and changing a culture requires a special type of leadership, one commit ted to clearly identify and reinforce specific behaviors and expectations. These leaders understand their role is to create the conditions for success by engaging individuals in productive and meaningful work. They are intentional about creating the culture they want for their organization or business.

How to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Succession Planning That Works

Everyone leaves the organization at some point. But what’s most frustrating is when a critical leader takes another position and there is no one who can step in. For those thrust into these roles, it’s sink or swim. From an organizational perspective, why would can risk having an untrained person responsible for leading a part of the business? Promoting the best and the brightest is not always the best solution. Succession planning is a highly orchestrated process to train and development tomorrow’s leaders today.

How to Lead, Coach, and Develop a Winning Team

Great leaders are great coaches and teachers. They see the development of talent as THE job, not just another duty. They focus on creating the conditions for success for their team and master the techniques of motivation, communication, and delegation. Winning? That’s successful execution, the result of a well-coached team with clear assignments, clear expectations, and aligned activities .

This course defines the fundamentals for effective teamwork and describes a process for on-going talent development.

How to Succeed as a First-Time Manager

Moving from an individual contributor to a first-time management role requires a major leap in your career. It’s a completely different role. Your new job is to create the conditions for others to succeed, not to do the work yourself. As a manager, you must develop the skills of effective delegation and motivation and avoid the trap of micromanagement.

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