Growth Through Digital Skills

Survive & thrive in the digital era.

As the world embraces digital transformation, you can prepare your organization with enhanced value creation, efficiencies, and engagement to deliver better results.


Embrace Digital Disruption & Grow Your Digital Skills

Digital disruption occurs when new technologies offer significantly better processes than ever before, making previous advances inconsequential. It's important to become aware of these disruptions and prepare your organization into the digital future.

There are a range of digital skills organizations need to develop to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, attract new personnel, nurture future leaders, improve corporate culture, and build effective work teams. This exclusive digital skills subscription bundle will help your organization survive & prosper.

Growth Through Digital Skills Bundle

Develop 6 key areas of digital skills.

Developed for finance leaders, this collection of courses will enable your team to operate successfully within the ever-changing business environment.

Each individual course is guided by the CGMA competency framework and focus on key areas of development.

CPE/CPD credits offered upon completion

Data Analysis: Identifying trends to provide insight and solutions.

Information & Digital Literacy: Find, evaluate, and communicate information.

Data Strategy & Planning: Define the technology and processes required to manage information assets.

Data Visualization: Translate information into a visual representation.

Digital Content Creation: Develop effective, concise content in digital platforms.

Problem-Solving: Use technology and data to provide tangible solutions to issues.

Access Options: Growth Through Digital Skills Bundle

Choose an access pass that works best for you and your team.

GOLD ACCESS[Full library] on-demand access across all pillars per employee[2x] [2 hour] instructor led sessions for up to [25 employees][3 days] consultancy to curate a pathway - min [50] seats to access
SILVER ACCESS[Full library] on-demand access across all pillars per employee[2] webcast per year (lecture on a set date and time covering a specific piece of content)
BRONZE ACCESS[Full library] on-demand access across all pillars per employee

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