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Controller Series: Insightful Financial Analysis

Anyone can “crunch numbers” but it takes special skills to make them meaningful to the user. Financial statements and ratios need to be interpreted correctly using a process that sets the context, identifies the right analysis tools, and makes recommendations in an understandable format. This course will help you present your insights in a way that is insightful and impactful to your client.

Learning Objectives
  • Determine how to set the context for a financial analysis with a corporate overview 
  • Recognize the reasons why financial statement analysis can be difficult
  • Identify the steps to complete a business strategy analysis
  • Identify the six steps of a financial analysis
  • Choose between various ratios for greatest insights

Major Topics
  • Reasons why it’s so difficult to provide an “insightful” financial analysis
  • What is the definition of a financial analysis
  • The six steps of a financial analysis
  • Key takeaways

Advanced Preparations


Who Should Attend

Aspiring leaders and leaders of teams and organizations

Fields of Study
Accounting, Auditing



Business Learning Institute

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