If you think of strategic planning as the roadmap to success, coaching and facilitation are the vehicles that enable you to get from Point A to Point B.


Set the framework, gain the guidance.

With the Business Learning Institute, you (and your team) have access to coaching services and training. At BLI, we work with you and for you. Whether you’re facing professional challenges or transitions, our expert coaches are available to help you manage your circumstance and move forward with the necessary skills.

Coaching, whether one-on-one or in groups, begins with an initial Discovery Session. This first conversation sets the “blueprint” of training, outlining the challenges you (or the team) wish to overcome and the benchmarks you wish to reach. From there, our coaches guide you along that path, holding you accountable and providing developmental tools to keep you on track.


BLI also offers facilitation services and training to guide your organization through the unique challenges and transitions that naturally arise.

Facilitation makes strategy possible by keeping conversation happening (and happening in a productive manner). The focus lies in helping you maneuver through that which is hindering personal or professional growth.

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