ABOUT THE Business Learning Institute (BLI)

The strategic learning partner and talent management consultancy for organizations worldwide.

BLI delivers competency-based curriculum, courses, content, and community to maximize career trajectories and grow intellectual capital for organizational and executive leadership.

How Can We Help You?

BLI is a center facilitating the development and sharing of competencies and strategic knowledge required for leadership in today’s rapidly-changing business environment.

Our more than 120+ instructors offer over 1,000+ courses in all formats (including on-site training, live events and seminars, keynotes, and online formats like webcasts, webinars, and on-demand learning). Each BLI program can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Advocacy Team

Learning as a pillar for growth 

Your partnership with us brings you:

  • Research and insights you can bank on 
    • Review reports, podcasts, publications and blogs highlighting best practices of organization leaders in our extensive global network.
  • Experience you can trust 
    • Benchmark your organization against our professionally recognized competency frameworks.
  • Tailored learning programs you can count on
    • Help your finance and accounting staff maintain relevant skills with hundreds of learning resources.
  • Dedicated team members you can rely on
    • Enlist our team to build or refresh a learning plan or curate a learning library to meet your business needs.
  • Credentials and certifications you can build on
    • Develop your high-performing talent to ensure sustainable success for your organization.

Let's Roll!

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