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The CGMA Competency Framework

A scalable solution for all organizations.

Inspired by the world-class content and structured body of knowledge from the CGMA Finance Leadership Program. Finance Leadership Program Bundles are designed to be deployed by organizations that need to upskill their team and become Future-Ready.

In the rapidly changing world of finance and accounting these are essential skills for all organizations.

Experience the Finance Leadership Program in a whole new way with the 10 product bundles below.

$199 $143.65 – $169.15

Develop Effective Performance Measurement Bundle

Learn how to effectively measure performance in your organization.

Includes 3 products:

  • Performance Measurement Strategies
  • Performance Measurement Techniques
  • Rewards Inside and Out
$207 $150.45 – $175.95

Strategies to Deliver Growth Bundle

Develop strategies to move your organization forward.

Includes 3 products:

  • Growth Strategies
  • New Market Growth Strategies
  • Strategy Formulation
$199 $143.65 – $169.15

Cost Accounting Bundle

Demonstrate your proficiency in costing.

Includes 3 products:

  • Cost Accounting Applications
  • Costing Analysis
  • Introduction to Cost Accounting
$195 $140.25 – $165.75

Budgeting Basics Bundle

Gain the tools you need for effective budgeting.

Includes 3 products:

  • Behavioral Aspects of Budgeting and Planning
  • Further Aspects of Budgeting and Planning
  • Introduction to Budgeting and Planning
$203 $147.05 – $172.55

Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions Bundle

Build your organization’s value by learning common approaches to business valuation and how valuations impact your M&A opportunities.

Includes 3 products:

  • Business Valuation and Acquisitions
  • Introduction to Business Valuation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
$207 $150.45 – $175.95

Impacts of Ecosystems Bundle

Understand how ecosystems impact your organization. 

Includes 3 products:

  • Evolving the Business Ecosystem
  • The Competitive Ecosystem
  • The Strategic Ecosystem
$199 $143.65 – $169.15

Effective Decision Making Bundle

Now, more than ever, effective decision making is vital in an organization.

Includes 3 products:

  • Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty
  • Decision Tree for Decision Making
  • Relevant Cost for Short-Term Decision Making
$164 $113.90 – $139.40

Become a Digital Strategist Bundle

Get ready to develop digital strategy.

Includes 2 products:

  • Digital Transformation and Underpinning Technologies
  • Strategic Importance of Digital Transformation and Underpinning Technologies
$199 $143.65 – $169.15

Introduction to Debt and Equity Finance Bundle

Increase your knowledge of debt and equity financing as part of the complete financial picture you use to make decisions.

Includes 3 products:

  • Equity Financing Fundamentals
  • Managing the Debt Profile
  • Structuring Debt Instruments
$199 $143.65 – $169.15

Investment Decisions and Capital Planning Bundle

Gain valuable tools to help drive business success and increase value through investments.

Includes 3 products:

  • Capital Planning Applications
  • Investment Decisions Fundamentals
  • Investment Theory

If you’re interested in earning a formal designation or certificate related to these topics, explore the CGMA® Finance Leadership Program.