Teach like a Rockstar!
Train like a Rockstar!

Gamify learning. Boost engagement. Increase retention.

Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills with gamified learning.

Red Flag ManiaTM is a game-based investigative experience that uses ripped from the headlines stories to support lifelong learning.

Expanded case-based stories challenge learners to solve complex problems. Gamified learning enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills as learners find clues and hunt for red flags.

It’s been called a mix of ‘Modern Day CLUE, an Escape Room and CSI.’


We create fun and immersive learning games because high engagement leads to increased retention and a better prepared global citizen.


We use digital storytelling in the form of true-crime investigations to engage and build critical thinking skills that transcend the standard learning experience.


We’ve combined theory, film, and technology into a self-paced learning tool. 21st Century learners are immersed in true-crime stories and tasked with identifying red flags.

Gamified Engagement Increases Retention

Red Flag Mania™ encourages life-long learners to Think Outside the Book™

When gamified elements are added to training, motivation climbs up to 83%, boredom drops to just 10%. –TalentLMS Gamification Survey

Every participant is placed in the center of a case and tasked with detecting and hunting for red flags to solve the case.

Let's Roll!

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