Designing Your Bright Future

Every organization wants better results. The BLI Strategic Planning system provides a proven framework that will help you maximize results and engage your team.

System Designer: Tom Hood III, CPA, CITP, CGMA

We facilitate using a collaborative approach through our five step model with each of our engagements customized for your team to maximize results.

Hindsight: Understanding How We Got Here
During the Hindsight phase we utilize several exercises that are designed to set context and build a shared understanding at the organization-wide strategy level.

Foresight: Anticipating in Our Context
During the foresight phase we will identify our context including the political, economic, social, regulatory, workforce, and technological trends that are driving our world and environment.

Insight: Understanding out Issues, Opportunities, and Strengths
During the insight phase we will identify our issues to solve, opportunities to maximize, and strengths to leverage.

Our Bright Future: Co-Creating a Vision
We collaboratively create a compelling vision that will guide our strategy, execution, and how we use resources in the future.

Strategy to Execution: Vision-Based Action Plans
We take our Bright Future Vision and convert it to action plans that help us execute.

Recommended for all CPAs, CGMAs, and finance professionals that seek to design a brighter future for their organization will benefit from this collaborative system of taking the wisdom of the crowd and applying it to your unique organization.

  • Understand your unique history as an organization.
  • Capture learning insights that have shaped your organization.
  • Understand the trends that are shaping your organization and your clients.
  • Build out a collaborative vision for your future that will achieve your desired results.
  • Create next step accountability with action plans to take your from strategy to execution as an organization.
Credit Hours
  • Varies
  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
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