The high demand for writing skills

Note: The following article was written by BLI thought leaders Bob Dean and Curt Peoples. Learn more about their programs at DeanPeoples.com.


Millitary.com is the largest online military and veteran membership organization in the United States, with more than 10 million members. One of its purposes is to provide
resources for a smooth transition from military to civilian life.

This article from its career advice archive explains how people with writing skills are in high demand by recruiters and employers. A few short tips illustrate the importance of solid writing skills in advancing your career:

“According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, written communication was the number three most desired quality overall, behind leadership skills and ability to work as a team member. … According to national surveys by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, employers want to hire candidates who can write coherently, think creatively, and analyze
quantitative data …”

We see the need for good writing skills every time we work with a new organization. For example, people spend enormous amounts of time with e-mail, and much of that time is wasted since so many e-mails are ambiguous, lack actionable information or instructions, or are simply confusing.

The people who communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively in writing are more likely to end up at the top of their organizations. Fortunately, good writing skills are teachable. There are no secret codes to decipher and it doesn’t take years of study or practice. It does require close attention to some simple rules, and our writing courses use unique interactive techniques that make it easy to
improve quickly.

Want to learn more?
Bob Dean and Curt Peoples have developed a series of “Writing for Results” programs for the Business Learning Institute. The programs focus on e-mail, grammar and punctuation, goal-setting, business plans, proposals, and providing feedback on written documents.

Learn more about the programs and how you can customize them for your organization here.


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