For Accounting Firms

The best thing about working with BLI to provide on-site training is the convenience. The fact that we are able to pick a course topic, date, location, and in some cases even an instructor, is just amazing. Since we started working with BLI over 5 years ago, the vast majority of our CPE is satisfied through on-site training. It’s great for our team, as well as the others in the area. We couldn’t be happier.
Keith Brode, CPA / Huber Michaels

BLI’s affiliation with the Maryland Association of CPAs (MACPA) not only sets us apart from other training providers but also equips us with the industry knowledge needed to cater to the specific challenges facing accounting firms everywhere.  

Our training is suited for firms of all sizes and helps our customers remain aware, predictive of, and adaptive to future trends – “future-ready,” as we’d like to call it. Whatever the need, we’re prepared to get your team to the next level.  

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