Why you need to create your organization’s development plan – now

Mindjet CPA edition Is your organization prepared for the recovery?

The answer is probably, NO.

According to a recent research report by the ASTD, the majority of employers are or will be facing significant skills gaps in five key areas as the recovery begins:

  1. Leadership & executive skills
  2. Professional & industry specific
  3. Managerial & supervisory
  4. Communication & interpersonal
  5. Sales skills

What should you do about this?

Build an organizational development plan (there's a map for that!). We have worked with the Maryland Association of CPAs and the Mindjet team to create a series of read-to-use templates to help you increase your productivity as a professional. They are based on “mind mapping” software from Mindjet.

Here are the eight (8) benefits of building an organizational development plan:

  1. Execute organizational strategy
  2. Risk management
  3. Maintain legal & regulatory compliance
  4. Expand scope & quality of services provided
  5. Aid & preparing employees for future assignments
  6. Increase & maintain professional competence
  7. Increase & maintain technical competence
  8. Assist in the recruitment & retention of desirable personnel

And the five steps you should be doing to build your plan:

  1. Align your learning & development plan with the strategies and priorities of your organization (chances are they are changing)
  2. Assess your talent – start with the most critical functions first
  3. Develop the plan
  4. Implement the plan
  5. Monitor your results, learn and make changes, and communicate.

Here is a template (in a pdf form) that you can use Download Development Plan – Organizational (Just click on the + at end of branches to see all the content).

It is part of a special edition of Mindmanager for CPAs that includes this template and 24 more to help you manage in these turbulent times.You can take this “map” and customize it to quickly build your plan and communicate it.

See the demonstration videos here on Mindmapping and the CPA Templates

Order your copy of Mindmanager CPA edition and all 25 templates here (Use code MACPA to receive a 10% discount – a $50 value).


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