Why BLI?

You can tell a lot about an organization by the company it keeps (our customers and our thought leader / instructors). We are very proud of who we work with –  from our local firms and small companies in Maryland to the Top CPA Firms across the US and many of the Finance teams of the Fortune 1000. We are the largest provider of custom on-site training to CPA firms and corporations in the CPA / Finance market.

This short clip says it all. Interviews with our “top gun” instructors from our BLI Live Thought Leader Summit. 


We are also proud to have crafted and run the Leadership Academy for the AICPA (now in our 4th year) and designed and led the Future Forums for the AICPA's CPA Horizons 2025 Project. Both of these formats are available to your firms.

We are known for our “success skills” training, strategic planning, curriculum design, and social learning. We offer complete curriculums for every level of your staff (even your partners), from full technical training to the critical “success skills. 

Our experience doing strategic planning for the AICPA Major Firms Group and involvement in the CPA Profession give us a unique perspective that spells value add for our clients. We also have blended learning options, e-learning, webcast formats and LMS systems experience.

Here is a short clip that says who we are and answers the question Why BLI?



And a brief snippet of some of our key “thought leaders” (our Top Gun instructors) whom gathered recently for our BLI Live thought leader symposium to plan our programs for the next year.





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