BLI meets up with CPA firm HR & Learning Professionals

DSC00007 We just got back from the Boomer Human Capital & Learning Symposium in Kansas City.

Lots of great people, relationships, and learning. BLI was a proud sponsor and our I was featured on the Expert Panel with Gary Boomer and Ken Baggett (moderated by Sandra Wiley). Pictured are Rita Keller, Jo Ann Cory Labbie, Terri Smith and Tom Hood.

Some of my highlights were:

People – in addition to the Boomer crew (Gary & Jim Boomer and Sandra Wiley), Ken Baggett (Reznick Group), Rita Keller (Keller Advisors and AccountingWeb Bloggers crew), Tracy White (Clark Nuber), Jo Ann Cory Labbie (GH&I), Maria Krowicki (FMRTL and AccountingWeb bloggers crew) and lots of other great people.

Some key topics covered, performance management in CPA firms, Mind mapping as a productivity tool (see our post Creating an Organizational Development Plan & There's a Map for That), and lot's of talk about social media. Here are some resources that I promised (check back for more posts about the expert panel):

Here are a couple of our  blog post’s with some more resources (just search on our blog at www.cpasuccess.com for social media and there are lots of posts).


One of our latest posts featuring the special social networking report by the Economist Magazine that concludes the business value of social media.

Here is an article and video interview I did with the Journal of Accountancy (If the J of A is covering Social Media and the AICPA is building it into their young professional’s leadership program…). My interview with the J of A http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/Multimedia/TomHood.htm

Article – How to Leverage Social Media http://www.journalofaccountancy.com/Issues/2009/Aug/20091768.htm

If you need help training on social media, we have done 1 hour live and webcast versions of

And we have a tele-coaching quick-start to help setup a firm-wide strategy and actually setup the blog and get posting and get noticed quickly

Here is our social media policy http://www.macpa.org/Content/25247.aspx  (and a link at the bottom to IBMs which inspired ours). It is grounded in the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct and the Maryland CPA laws in addition to our employee handbook and Vision, Mission and Values of the MACPA

See Rita's post about the conference here and our Jim Boomer's post Great Networking & Learning at HCLS and our post on CPA Success about our expert panel Do you have Fu? and


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