The Next Normal, Now! CPAs Convene to Reimagine What’s Next

How many of you notice that time seems to be accelerating? I keep asking myself where did the summer go? Turns out that it is not just our imagination, it is real and is called the great #COVID19 Accelerator.

The Great COVID19 Accelerator – 2020 = 2025

2020 is the new 2025All of the major trends at work pre-pandemic are accelerating through this pandemic and beyond. Take e-commerce which has accelerated by ten years in the past six months! Then there is remote work and visual communications that have also accelerated by ten years in six months! The list goes on and on. That made us think about how we can help our community anticipate these trends and opportunities through the fog of uncertainty.

On October 2nd we kicked off our 2020 CPA Innovation Summit with a special interactive session featuring global futurist and WSJ best-selling author Daniel Burrus and myself to identify significant trends and opportunities for this ‘next normal’ post-pandemic. He covered the major trends and taught us how to anticipate trends and opportunities for the future. I added in the profession’s context. Next, we crowd-sourced the significant trends and issues and collectively identified new opportunities that ‘the crowd’ (CPAs, finance, and accounting pros) sees as we move through the reopening phase of this pandemic.

Your post-pandemic success depends on the actions you take now, not what you do post-pandemic. – Daniel Burrus

The Next Normal: Now Moving from Essential to IndispensableHere is our recipe for the future:

  • 1 Global futurist
  • 1 Global Finance/Accounting Influencer
  • 600 CPAs, Finance & Accounting Pros
  • 1 hour
  • 1,000+ words exchanged in the session
  • e-book created from analyzing the chat stream and love polls during the session.

Here is the full one-hour video of our session followed by the e-book Anticipate and Reimagine What’s Next with the analysis of the chat and polling during the video. The book highlights quotes from participants and a word cloud from the chat stream. Three major categories emerged as 1) the way we can work; 2) the skills we can perfect; and 3) the tools we can use.

Major insights from the crowd are on pages 9-11. The latest ranking of top technologies for the Profession is on page 8.

Trends and Opportunities Facing CPAs, Accounting and Finance Professionals – Post-COVID from Tom Hood, CPA,CITP,CGMA

Our Accounting Ecosystem Preferred Providers

Recipe for the Future – Part 2:

Add the wisdom of the leading Accounting Ecosystem to learn about the rapid changes and opportunities from our Preferred Providers, strategic partners in helping us be even more #FutureReady.

They presented weekly lunch and learn sessions (Oct 8th thru Dec 10th) showcasing the latest solutions to help you accelerate your future.

The final ingredient is YOU!

Read the whitepaper: Moving from Essential to Indispensable: Five Steps to Navigating the COVID19 Storm

The last time we did this, CPA Convene on October 3rd, 2019 it was a different world, yet many of the insights still ring true. Take a look at this whitepaper that noticeably increased the optimism of the participants (+7.3% in the highest level).


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