Talent Development Strategy

Maximize your role with BLI Talent Development Strategy.

Talent is the single biggest challenge facing organizations today. Our approach at BLI is to elevate your talent development strategy by aligning it with your organization’s vision. From there, we engage your team and accelerate performance across your organization.

The how of talent development

Our learning philosophy is embodied by what we call “The Bounce.” This model employs the belief that the professional impact of your people is heightened when they’re provided with tools to increase skill set.

What makes your organization successful and increases career trajectory are the people you invest in. The key to competitive advantage lies in keeping your rate of learning greater than the rate of change. That’s where BLI comes in.

Bounce - the BLI guide to Learning as a Competitive Advantage

Our six-step strategic talent development planning process is designed to take your training and development to the next level.


Begins with the organizational strategy and co-create your leadership brand.


Share research and facilitate a prioritization of the critical competencies for your organization, departments, and teams.


Create a career path framework, using existing position levels.


Map your career levels to the competency model to create a curriculum.


Develop a strategic governance approach to evaluate results and make recommendations for continuous improvement in the future.


Create a visual that is used to communicate and inspire your team.

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