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Getting our ‘Mise en Place’ for CFOs, Accounting and Finance Pros

My wife, Sharon and I took a cooking lesson (pre-COVID) from Chef Jay Rohlfing of Cunningham's in Towson (soon to reopen as Perennial). The lesson started with Chef Jay explaining the first lesson for aspiring chefs is a culinary concept called 'mise en place' or 'everything in its place'. We arrives at our station in the kitchen with large cutting mats surrounded with small stainless steel bowls with all of the ingredients pre-measured around the preparation area. He went on to explain that 'mise en place' is even more than just prepping for the meal, it is a philosophy about being prepared and ready. I started thinking about what 'mise en place' would mean for accounting and finance?

As we begin to see the fog clearing for our post-pandemic future I think it is time to get our 'mise' together as Chef Jay would say. By the way, Chef Jay won the Chopped Chef award last year and I recently interviewed him on LinkedIn Live to get more of his insights and apply it to leadership and accounting and finance.


Here are our five ways to get our 'Mise' together…

1. Context / Certainty 2. Capacity 3. Capabilities 4. Culture, Purpose & Values 5. Compete w/ Execution & Exponentials

Learn more about this at the AICPA CFO Conference (May 5-7) and my Weds session Getting our Mise en Place: Setting Our Table for the Future.

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Tom Hood