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Podcast: Cybersecurity and COVID-19: How to protect your firm … and your clients

As with pretty much every other trend out there, the pandemic has acted as an accelerator for cyber threats. This was a big problem before COVID-19, but it’s an even bigger problem now. By one report, the FBI recently announced that they're fielding as many as 4,000 cybersecurity-related complaints per day — that’s a 400 percent increase on pre-COVID-19 levels.

To help us get ahead of this unsettling trend, I had a conversation with Scott Fleszar, chief operating and strategy officer for SafeSend. SafeSend’s mission is to accelerate the tax and accounting profession with innovative, emerging technologies that help practitioners work more efficiently and better serve their clients. One of their products, SafeSend Returns — which provides accounting firms an automated, centralized and standardized way to assemble and deliver tax returns digitally — recently won an Innovation Award from CPA Practice Advisor.

Scott and I spent some time recently talking about the impact the pandemic has had on cybersecurity, what we should be doing to protect ourselves and our clients, and what’s happening on the technology front that might actually help us do that.

Listen to our conversation here.

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