The P Link – Positivity & resilience in the face of chaos

In the face of the chaotic world we find ourselves in, how do we bend without breaking? How do we face all of the challenges of work and life and thrive?

The answer is to take back control of our life. or as Gretchen says, fill your bucket up with plinks.

Gretchen Pisano, BLI Thought leader offers some hope and inspiration in her BLI Live talk, the P.link - Positivity and Resilience in the face of Chaos.

She shows how you can use the PERMA equation (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship with others, Meaning & Purpose, and Achievement -slide 23) to increase your well-being and flourish. Drawing on the latest evidence-based research out of Positive Psychology from UPENN, Harvard and others, Gretchen shows us how to take back our life and well-being.

Check out this short video and view her presentation here


What would happen if we could spread access to this type of thinking? What if your entire team was able to become more resilient and positive, able to thrive personally and professionally? What would that mean to your organization's performance.

If you want rocket fuel for your organization, you need to fill your team up with plinks. We can help.

This is a key component in our Leadership Academy or as a stand alone program in blended learning formats - live, public seminars, on-site, webcast, and on-demand. Look for our entire bundle of P.link programs coming soon.

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