Leadership in the New Normal – it’s about the network

People - Connected In our work with leadership development and strategic planning we have been exploring what it takes to lead in the "new normal".

As the pace of change accelerates and complexity increases, it is harder for leaders to know everything they need to navigate this new "permanent whitewater" environment. To lead in the new normal is to be a Network Leader.

My colleague Gretchen Pisano and I define a network leader as the ability to impact multiple systems across traditional boundaries of authority, expertise or reputation. That is up, down, all around, and even outside the organization. 

The Network Leader embodies the new leadership principles of connect and collaborate abandoning the old model of command and control.

What does it take to be a Network Leader?

The five P's:

  1. Perspective - thought leadership
  2. Predictability - continuity especially to those who follow you
  3. Presence - word of mouth and reputation
  4. Portability of Ideas - easily carried messages that people "get"
  5. Positivity - Link and build and providing hope and inspiration

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