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Everything under the sun is in tune

Here’s what I saw in the sky above St. Louis on Aug. 21:

  • A miracle
  • A natural wonder
  • The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
  • A tribute to the awe-inspiring worlds of science and astronomy
  • A unifying human experience

For a couple of hours on a Monday afternoon, we set aside our differences and gazed, slack-jawed, at the inspirational glory of our world, our solar system, our universe. There were no politics, no hate, no divisiveness. There was just … us, in our human smallness, looking on helplessly, gloriously, as nature showed us once and for all who’s in charge.

As we play our games and pretend to rule our world, that’s a lesson worth remembering.

Keeping fighting the good fight. It’s worth fighting.

Just remember who’s going to win in the end.


William D. Sheridan