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Case Study – TGM Group LLC Uses BLI’s LMS to Stay Ahead

Before implementation of the Navigator Learning Management System, ongoing education data at TGM Group LLC was maintained in spreadsheets, and staff were on their own to identify and register for workshops and events to fulfill annual CPE obligations. It was a very inefficient process. Staff would first have to find training, get approval from partners, and then work with HR to pay for it. It could be time-intensive.

Navigator changed all that. With comprehensive content, an easy to use, cloud-based system, and an economical application that saves on travel and registration costs, the LMS revolutionized the way TGM Group LLC handles ongoing education. It also made it possible for employees to complete required time-sensitive courses in a timely manner.

Roy Geiser, Accounting and Audit Manager at TGM Group, explains the value of having content immediately available to better prepare for specialized work. “I was working on an engagement and an issue popped up that I was rusty on, so I looked up the topic in Navigator right then, found a course, and completed it in an hour. I got a refresher on the issue and earned CPE—none of it planned…all on the fly. It took just minutes to find the course in the LMS; it would have taken an hour alone to research the topic on my own. This is so beneficial because it offers a way to fully prepare for all aspects of an engagement. With all that we have going on daily, this is one way we can be prepared while also saving time.”


Thomas Hood