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Light a SPARK under your business … and watch it blaze

Want to get more out of your business? Want to scale it and take it to new heights? It’s a five-step process.

Here they are, courtesy of Sharon Price John, CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop. In her best-selling book Seeing Around Corners: How To Spot Inflection Points In Business Before They Happen, Rita McGrath says John has turned those five steps into an amazingly simple acronym: SPARK.

  • S: See it. Envision it.
  • P: Plan it.
  • A: Action it.
  • R: Repeat it.
  • K: Keep the faith.

It sounds a lot harder than it really is, so let me try to break it down for you.

  1. See it. Sure, you see your vision, but does the rest of your leadership team? This first step is crucial: Getting your entire leadership team 100 percent on the same page with where your organization is going. Helping all of your leaders see what you see. You can’t achieve your vision until all of your leaders have bought into that vision.
  2. Plan it. Once everyone buys into your vision, you need a plan for achieving that vision. What will you do over the next three years to get you closer to achieving that vision? Over the next one year? Over the next 90 days? Over the next week? Bring that vision down to the ground and hold folks accountable for hitting their goals. If they hit their goals, your organization will hit its goals.
  3. Action it. Go out and execute. When you set your one-week goals and your 90-day rocks, make those your priorities. Go accomplish those things above all others. You may do other things as well, but these priorities are critical and must get done. Focus all of your energy on accomplishing these most critical priorities.
  4. Repeat it. When you accomplish this quarter’s priorities, set new rocks for the next 90 days. Then go out and accomplish them. These are the most critical things you must do for the next 90 days. Go do them.
  5. Keep the faith. Trust in this process. See it. Plan it. Do it. Repeat forever.

This is the 90-day world that Gino Wickman envisioned in his book Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business. It’s the foundation of his Entrepreneurial Operating System™. It’s how to scale your organization. See your vision. Add the discipline and accountability to achieve that vision. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s that simple … and that difficult.

The hard part is the discipline behind this process. It’s committing yourself to a long-term vision and a short-term plan to execute on that vision. It’s having the discipline to solve problems and complete weekly, quarterly, and yearly goals that will bring you closer to achieving your long-term vision.

We can help It sounds difficult, but a system exists that will help you do all of that with efficiency, discipline, and accountability.

It’s Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System™. We’ll help you implement EOS™ into your organization and accomplish three crucial things:

  1. Vision: Helping your entire team see what you see — an inspirational vision that motivates them to action.
  2. Traction™: Injecting discipline and accountability at every level of your organization, with everyone on your team executing flawlessly on every aspect of that vision.
  3. Healthy: Helping your entire team operate as a single, functional, cohesive unite. Truth be told, most teams don’t work this way.

If any of this resonates with you, let me know. I’d love to give you 90 minutes of my time to illustrate how EOS™ can help you get more out of your business.

Take our Organizational Checkup™, then contact me with any questions you might have about how EOS™ can take you to the next level. I’m here to help.


William D. Sheridan