How to find your competitive edge?

Will the competitive environment get easier in 2012?

What about the pace of change, will it slow down?

Will the rate of complexity start to reverse itself? 

Our research says no. A recent CEO study by IBM shows that over half of CEOs believe their organizations are ready for the next decade. That is why we exist, to help you prepare and equip your organizations for sustained innovation and performance. 

We think we are in it for the long haul, a marathon, not a sprint. And if you are in it to win it, you need to prepare your team for the trip. Build their endurance and make sure they have the skills for competing for the long haul.

Your edge lies in the smarts, heart and ingenuity of your team. Tap that, train it, mobilize it and focus it.

We spend a lot of time talking about strategy, systems, and product launches like they are human, when the reality is that the real competitive edge is in our people and their ability to run the marathon with us. The way we will win in the future is with the energy, talents, and strengths of your team.

That is what BLI is all about. We are rocket fuel for your team.

Let us help you design a curriculum for the future based on your strategy and the needs of your team.



Need a strategy? Let us help you with a collaborative i2a strategic planning session.

Need to get your team "future ready"? Let us facilitate a future forum that exposes your team to the future trends research and then identifies the top trends to watch and the implications to your organization with our i2a future forum sessions.

Need to prepare your next generation of leaders? Let us design a custom leadership academy that teaches your leaders how to be future-minded, flexible leaders capable of leading in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing environment with our proven i2a leadership academy.

Check out our catalog of programs available for your organization here.

What is your biggest opportunity for 2012 and is your team ready for it?


Team BLIOnline