The secret to success in the “new economy”?

Leadership - BoatsThe two Ls.

As the Great Recession of 2008 begins to recede, organizations are beginning to ask, “What’s next? How do we succeed in this ’new normal?’”

A tsunami of changes has swept over us, changing the business environment, workforce, and workplace in what many are saying are permanent and fundamental ways. Smart organizations are planning how they will survive and thrive in this “new normal.” 

Questions like these are on the top of every executive’s mind:

• Is our organization prepared for the pending recovery?

• Is our organization positioned to thrive in the “new normal?”

• How do we prepare our organization to survive in constantly changing conditions?

• Do we have the bench strength to navigate the increasingly competitive environment?


The two Ls -- learning and leadership -- will be the keys to future success in an increasingly complex world. Leading organizations have adopted new strategies for dealing with this rapidly changing world. They are strategically and systematically focusing on learning and leadership development to get and keep their competitive advantage. 

The starting point is always your business strategy, then it is about prioritizing the competencies you need to execute that strategy. 

BLI can help you with both, strategic planning and curriculum design. We have developed full competency models for CPA Firms and global finance teams. These competency models are structured into a career ladder and can be tracked in a customized LMS (Learning Management System) or imported into an existing one.


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