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Want to change? Go big or go home

I caved in to all of the sitting-is-worse-than-smoking hysteria and bought a standing desk.

Now I’m wondering: What the hell took me so long?

Granted, it took some getting used to. I wasn’t accustomed to standing all day, after all. Who is? Our chairs beckon like the sirens in Homer's Odyssey.

But I forced myself to do it. I set the desk in its “standing” position and left it there. That way, I start each day standing up … and I never sit down as a result.

By tweaking my routine just that much, I’m standing at work nearly eight hours a day. And I feel great.

My point? You can get used to anything if you dive in head-first and commit yourself completely to the task at hand.

Everyone keeps complaining about change, as if complaining about it will make it go away. The only way to get in front of it is to go all-in.

That applies to everything — social media, the cloud, wellness, value billing, new regulations, succession planning. Whatever is giving you angst today, remember this: It’s not going away. Your only option is to adapt — or as futurist Dan Burrus would say, to anticipate these changes and do something about them before anyone else does.

Go big or go home. The choice is yours.


William D. Sheridan