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DeLeon & Stang Streamline Education with BLI and Navigator

Before adopting the Navigator Advanced Learning System (LMS), leadership at DeLeon & Stang envisioned the move away from their manual, cumbersome learning approach to something streamlined and automated. Like many firms, they had their own system in place, where they maintained curriculums, collected CPE certifications manually from employees, and tracked licensing. As the firm grew, this became a nightmare to organize and manage and increased the risk of overlooking time-sensitive tasks like renewing licenses.

DeLeon & Stang had been working with the Maryland Association of CPAs to develop a sophisticated LMS. Their vision was to have curricula housed in a central location, where ongoing education and licensing information could easily be monitored and tracked. Once CPA2Biz entered the scene, this vision became a reality with Navigator.

Navigator has been a major game changer at DeLeon & Stang. They’ve been able to implement a world-class LMS that offers staff on-demand courses across learning tracks in a single platform. In the early phases of LMS implementation, their team mapped out the firm’s education requirements. With firms in two states, and associates with multiple state licenses, they required a rich repository of content. That meant pulling in curricula from several sources. Their LMS now houses courses from our own internal DS [DeLeon Stang] University, Maryland Association of CPAs, AICPA, and the Business Learning Institute. Pulling from several sources, staff has access to everything from technical content, such as audit and tax, to soft skills training, including courses on leadership, written communications, and public speaking. The system is built to offer the full circle of learning. Employees at DeLeon & Stang are set up for success, and education is a big part of that. Using the advanced Navigator platform has allowed them to develop a highly custom learning management system—complete with materials that span a wide range of disciplines. And with built-in tracking and alerts, the once cumbersome task of monitoring CPE fulfillment and licensing is now automated.

Advanced learning management systems used to only be financially feasible for large firms. Navigator changed that for DeLeon & Stang and others. For only a few hundred dollars per employee, per year, staff gets unlimited access to course content. The fixed annual fee also allows for easy budgeting. “DeLeon & Stang’s transition from a manual, complex learning management approach to an advanced automated learning management system has been a real game changer. Operating within Navigator’s cloud-based platform and providing staff with a single, secure space for learning has proven successful. Our staff loves the new system. They can conveniently take on-demand courses at their own pace and from the comfort of their office. This has cut down on the need for travel because most courses are available in the LMS.” Allen DeLeon, CPA, Partner


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