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Want more business? Help clients spend less time with you.

Great marketing used to be all about stickiness and attention. How many eyeballs can you attract? How long can you keep them looking at you? What message will you burn into their memory?

Not anymore. Social, mobile, and digital have changed the game. It’s time for marketing to change as well.

That was the message Pam Didner brought with her to the 2015 DigitalNow Conference. The content marketing strategist’s message could have been boiled down to these few, brief bits of wisdom:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it cheap.
  • Above all, make it fast.

Your clients don’t want to spend all day on your website driving up your page views. They want you to solve their problems now, so they can get on with their lives.

“Consumers are spoiled,” she said. “Expectations of immediate, terrific service have a huge impact on marketers.”

How big? According to Didner, the entire concept of marketing has changed. Our goal now is to solve problems and reduce friction for our clients.

“Once customers get what they want or need from you, they want to get on with their lives,” Didner said. “Make it quick and easy.”

In other words, said Didner, your clients “just aren’t that into you.” They just want to get their jobs done and move on. The faster you can make that happen, the more they’re going to like, respect, and return to you.

There’s more than a little Jay Baer in Didner’s ideas. A best-selling author and marketing strategist, Baer once told me that “the key to modern marketing is to stop trying to be amazing and start being useful.”

If that means being so useful that you spend less time with your clients? So be it.

If you can solve more problems in less time, you’ll earn more of their respect … and more of their business, too.


William D. Sheridan