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Sage helps CPAs and Accountants LEAP forward!

When Sage wanted to help CPAs and accountants thrive, they turned to BLI to help design their LEAP program, Leadership Education for Accounting Professionals.

The LEAP program is the vision of Jennifer Warawa, Sage's Global Vice President of Product Marketing for Accountants who wanted to see CPAs and accountants get access to the necessary skills to support businesses in today's complex and rapidly changing environment.

She summed it up this way, “Our partnership with the Business Learning Institute to develop this new curriculum is the solution to educating accounting professionals on how to deliver value to their clients beyond tax and compliance services, with the end goal of increasing the value they bring as trusted advisors, ultimately creating greater business confidence.”

BLI built the LEAP curriculum for Sage based on their research and experience as the number one provider of customized competency-based curriculum in the finance and accounting industry. They focused on critical "success skills" or competencies in strategic thinking, leadership, communication, and collaboration. These skills are based on research BLI did for the CPA Horizons 2025 Project and built on BLI's Bounce Framework.

Inc. Magazine reporter, Laura Montini came across The 8-Hour MBA course as part of Sage's LEAP curriculum and quoted BLI instructor, Peter Margaritas in her article, "The business environment is changing so rapidly that we need to be able to learn faster than the rate of change. And this requires technical training, but this also requires success skills like leadership, collaboration and strategic thinking." In addition to the LEAP curriculum, BLI designed Sage's Vision to Strategy workshops designed to help accounting professionals and CPAs create a vision and strategy for their firms and organizations.


So let BLI and Sage give your career a "bounce" and LEAP forward, today!

Here is the latest Sage LEAP catalog.

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