Don’t make this BIG mistake

Do you have a competitive edge?

Is it based on a clever strategy? or a new technology? great locations? or some other key business advantage?

Chances are that whatever it is, it may be fleeting and temporary at best. The reason is that the pace of change is getting faster and faster and the competition is getting better and better.

Take a look at the Global Forces video we showed at the Lean Conference at Garrett College yesterday and you will see what I mean.

So what is the BIG mistake?

Thinking that these "intangible" competitive advantages can be successful just because the CEO or senior team wants them to.

The big mistake is not investing enough in PEOPLE! None of these strategies or systems can happen with people.

People properly trained to think differently in this "new normal". People trained to be future-minded, flexible, and able to find opportunities amid the ambiguity. People capable of performing well under uncertainty and high stress environments. 

What have you done to build resilient leaders who are capable of working in the "do more with less" era. Capable of inspiring the people they lead to give us that discretionary effort that separates the good from the great.

We think the answer lies at least in part with BLI's latest program - Energy Rich Leadership which will be included in the latest editions of the leadership academy for Garrett County, the AICPA, and others.

The Energy Rich Leadership Course focuses on individual leadership and organizational leadership and is based on three main modules - 1) Know yourself; 2) Manage yourself; 3) Lead yourself. Take a look at the presentation below.

BLI Energy Rich Leadership - Garrett County Lean Conference View more presentations from Tom Hood

Here is more background on our Leadership Academy which has been developed for the AICPA and customized version in Maryland and Utah.

So next time you are thinking about implementing that new "strategy", ask yourself if you have invested in the PEOPLE you will need to make it happen. Don't make the BIG mistake.

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Thomas Hood