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How to Profit from Innovation – Building the Agile Learning Organization

There is one universal truth in business today, this time it is DIFFERENT.

What has emerged from the great recession of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 is a hyper-competitive business environment in a slow/no growth economy. An economy where, no company is "too big to fail or too small to succeed", according to Brian Solis.

An economy where everyone is afraid of being eaten, while trying to focus on "eating" for themselves. "Eating" or growth (see Top Five Disciplines to Achieve Double-digit Growth) in this uncertain economy requires new skills, innovation, agility, and learning.

Yes, it requires a "paradigm shift" according to the latest research from Ernst & Young (Building a New Talent Model to Boost Growth). It requires a laser focus on the #1 issue facing businesses - talent development, especially the development part.

As it turns out, innovation is fundamentally about learning and agility. The winners in this "new normal" will be those who can learn faster than the rate of change and faster than their competition (or as we like to say keep your L>C2).

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How to Profit from Innovation - The Agile Learning Organization from Tom Hood
The key is to address the Six C's of talent development:

  1. Career - Top talent wants to know what their career path looks like in your organization.
  2. Competency - What are the critical skills needed by your organization?
  3. Curriculum - Is there a set of learning resources (including just-in-time, social, and on the job training) available to help them advance?
  4. Compliance - Is there tracking of critical licenses and certifications to ensure compliance for individuals and the organization?
  5. Content - Are you providing high quality, best in class content for your learners?
  6. Context - Is the learning plan aligned to the organiation's mission,vision, and purpose?

“BLI’s strategic approach and tools to support learning begin to address the paradigm shift referenced in the E&Y study,” said Business Learning Institute CEO Tom Hood, who is also CEO and executive director of the Maryland Association of CPAs. 

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Let BLI help you create an agile learning organization to build your capacity to innovate and grow.



Thomas Hood