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‘Anticipatory Organization’ named a top product for 2016

For the past year, we’ve been warning everyone who will listen: The key missing competency in business today is anticipation — it’s the ability to anticipate trends before they happen and position our organizations to take advantage of those trends before anyone else does.

Apparently, people are listening.

The folks at Accounting Today have listed our own Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition among their picks for 2016’s top new products.

Developed in partnership with futurist and New York Times best-selling author Daniel Burrus, the Anticipatory Organization is a revolutionary new learning system that combines three- to five-minute educational videos with job aids and rapid-application activities that will teach CPAs and finance professionals how to anticipate the future and apply those lessons to their own careers. It’s an invaluable future-focused program that helps us see change before it arrives and take advantage of it before the competition does.

Here’s what Accounting Today has to say about AOAF:

“With a staff crunch going on, the accounting profession is scrambling for warm bodies — but it’s also worth spending some time on the bodies that are already here. … The Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition, is a set of video courses and exercises created by a partnership of the Maryland Association of CPAs and its Business Learning Institute with futurist Daniel Burrus. The point of the coursework is to teach you, literally, how to predict the future by identifying reliable trends — and it actually works. The applications for firm strategy, client service, and guiding your own career are endless.”

It’s a process that’s designed to bake future-focused thinking into everything we do. Given the pace of change today, nothing is more important. Thanks to the folks at Accounting Today for recognizing that.

Find out more about the Anticipatory Organization: Accounting and Finance Edition here:



William D. Sheridan