Top five qualities of extraordinary leaders


Today's leaders have to be able to deal with the new realities of the extreme future (read about it in our post over at CPA Success), a constant rapidly changing environment with new and increased risks.

Our research shows that leaders must be able to strategically think, both critically and creatively, and be ready to shift their perspectives and those of others. Then they have to mobilize people to help them get the work done - insights to action.

Here is our list of the five most important qualities of extraordinary leaders:

  1. Sight - Ability to see emerging patterns and shift perspective when necessary
  2. Insight - Ability to learn faster than the rate of change in your industry
  3. Create - Ability to think strategically and critically to gain insights that create new opportunities
  4. Communicate - Ability to collaborate inside and outside your organization and to build and sustain social networks of people engaged in the work
  5. Inspire – Ability to mobilize support and engage others to join you in ACTION

We have developed this into a "strategic thinking system" with three key learning steps: 1) Leadership I2A, a 3 day retreat that develops these skills for leaders and future leaders, 2) I2A - Facilitation, teaches a system for facilitating and leading discussions like strategic planning sessions, and 3) I2A Mastery - a mastery program that expands the skills for seasoned facilitators and strategic planners.

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Thomas Hood