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Listen and learn with Tom Hood as he prepares CPAs, CGMAs, finance and accounting pros for the future.


Tom Hood is dedicated to making accounting and finance professionals future-ready. As the founding CEO of BLI, a division of the AICPA-CIMA, he researches the trends, mindsets and skillsets needs to thrive in this age of exponential change.

Explore Tom's most recent live videos and posts on specific topics affecting you and your profession.

#FutureReady Videos & Posts

Making the Shift to Value Partner

Speaker: Jeremiah Ashukian, VP of finance and CFO for Mars Wrigley North America and a member of our Future of Finance Advisory Group

What Top Trends and Skills Are Future Disruptors

Speaker: Daniel Burrus, Leading Futurist & Disruptive Innovation Expert

Registered Apprenticeship for Finance Business Partners

The #FutureReady CFO: How To Become A True Value Partner

Speaker: Ebonie Jackson, CFO and Director at Lucas County Children Services

Why CFOs Need To Be Value Creators

Speaker: Jack McCullough, founder of the The CFO Leadership Council Read More

The Future of Financial Planning & Analysis

Speaker: Chris E. Ortega, MBA, president & CEO, CEO Business Services Read More

Disrupting Disruption & The Future of Finance

Speaker: Pascal Finette, Co-Founder & Chief Heretic

Leading Digital Transformation - Is is Technology or People

Speaker: Anh Phillips, a researcher with Deloitte Consulting Read More

The Future of Finance

Speaker: The CFO Whisper, David Axson Read More

Becoming a Value-Added CFO

Speaker: Scott H. Spiegel, CPA, CGMA, CITP, CFO of the AICPA

Become a Successful Leader

Speaker: Emmanuel Gobillot, the author of seven leadership books Read More

The CFO Agenda - Top Issues for 2021

Speaker: Nilly Essaides, Senior Research Director, The Hackett Group Read More

Why “Extreme Humanism?”

Speaker: Tom Peters

The Latest in Finance & Accounting Transformation

Speaker: Ash Noah, CPA, FCMA, CGMA, VP Managing Director Learning, and Barry Payne, Director - External Relations Read More

“Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger”

Speaker: Nancy Giordano, author

Talent: Bridging People & Technology

Speaker: Jack McCullough, founder of The CFO Leadership Council

What to Expect with CFOs Post Pandemic

Speaker: Jack McCullough, founder of the The CFO Leadership Council

Reinventing Finance for a Post-Pandemic World

Speaker: Andrew Harding FCMA CGMA

What CFOs and CPAs Need to Know About Blockchain & Crypto

Speaker: Ron Quaranta, Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

What Firms Need to Do to Get Ready for PPP2

Speaker: Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA.com

A Future Hybrid Workplace

Speaker: Cheryl Duvall, Regional Consulting Practice Area Leader of Gensler

Preparing Businesses for Future-Ready Accounting

Speaker: Scott Beaver of Oracle NetSuite

Setting Our Table for the Future

Speaker: Jay Rohlfing, executive chef at Cunningham’s Towson

Bill & Tom’ Excellent Reading Adventure

Speaker: Bill Sheridan, CAE, Chief Communications Officer, MACPA

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How AICPA is helping CPAs and CGMA

Speaker: Board Chair, William Pirolli, CPA, CFF, PFS, CGMA, a partner with DiSanto, Priest & Co.

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