Learning Management Systems

Improving your team's competencies and compliance.

Learning, made convenient. A learning management system (LMS) is a highly-interactive and portable online platform that’s convenient for your team to access. A BLI LMS is comprehensive in its presentation of thoughtful and scalable content.


The key to executing your learning strategy

From one location, senior staff and team members can follow learning plans tailored specifically to meet the strategic goals of your organization. These systems also grant the ability to track individual and group progress as well as monitor compliance.

When you choose this solution, BLI will either implement its preferred LMS or work with your organization to determine the system best-suited to support your business and your people.

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Benefits of the BLI Learning Management System

  • Find an extensive course selection
  • Create and track career paths
  • Monitor your entire organization’s learning plan and compliance
  • Create individual development plans
  • Expand the skills of the people in your organization
  • Add your own content
  • Track credits and produce reports
  • Access up-to-date content
  • Attend webcasts, webinars, and other online courses
  • Receive reminders of deadlines and new opportunities

What Clients Say

Case Studies

TGM Group LLC (UHY LLP) uses BLI’s LMS to Stay Ahead

Before implementation of the Learning Management System, ongoing education data at TGM Group LLC was maintained in spreadsheets, and staff were on their own to identify and register for workshops and events to fulfill annual CPE obligations.

The LMS changed all that. With comprehensive content, an easy-to-use, cloud-based system, and an economical application that saves on travel and registration costs, the LMS revolutionized the way TGM Group LLC handles ongoing education.

Deleon & Stang Streamline Education

Before adopting the Learning System (LMS), leadership at DeLeon & Stang envisioned the move away from their manual, cumbersome learning approach to something streamlined and automated. Like many firms, they had their own system in place, where they maintained curriculums, collected CPE certifications manually from employees, and tracked licensing. As the firm grew, this became a nightmare to organize and manage and increased the risk of overlooking time-sensitive tasks like renewing licenses.

Their vision was to have curricula housed in a central location, where ongoing education and licensing information could easily be monitored and tracked. Once CPA2Biz entered the scene, this vision became a reality.

The LMS has been a major game-changer at DeLeon & Stang. They’ve been able to implement a world-class LMS that offers staff on-demand courses across learning tracks in a single platform.

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