How to go from overwhelmed to energized: A roadmap to employee engagement

Employee engagement continues to climb up the list of the top five issues facing accounting and finance professionals.

In addition, two of the top five issues continue to be information overload and not enough time. That means your workforce is overwhelmed and disengaged.

Mike Sabbatis, chief operating officer of XCM, aims to change that.

New solutions and approaches like workflow automation can help you regain control, establish accountability, and create time and capacity to deal with a rapidly changing business climate.

Four keys conditions to creating an engaged and energized workforce
According to Sabbatis, the four keys to creating an engaged and energized workforce are:

  1. Visibility: I can see the status of projects and who has them.
  2. Control: I know what is expected and what the priorities are.
  3. Accountability: I know how to do the work and who is doing the work.
  4. Flexibility: I know what is changing and the implications.

XCM workflow is being deployed in corporate accounting and finance applications where this software is running on top of enterprise systems to create capacity and allow people to do more with the same people. Sabbatis provides examples that include financial statement closing, corporate tax filings, statutory reporting, and more.

Overwhelmed to Energized: A Roadmap to Employee Engagement – XCM at CPA Summit from Tom Hood, CPA,CITP,CGMA
Here are the five steps to help your workforce become more engaged and energized:
  1. Build capacity by harnessing people, processes, and technology.
  2. Minimize wasted time and effort.
  3. Connect processes across multiple point solutions and legacy systems.
  4. Think “real time.”
  5. Create a single thread of truth for all processes.

View the full one-hour webcast here: From Overwhelmed to Energized: A Roadmap to Employee Engagement

What are you doing to create an engaged and energized workforce?


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