BLI’s 20 top blog posts from 2016

A new year brings new challenges … and tons of new opportunities.

But before we dive too deep into 2017, let’s reminisce a bit and take a quick look back at the top 20 BLI blog posts from 2016.

  1. Want to predict the future? Start with this: Almost anything will be possible
  2. Failing beats failing to try
  3. Are you prepared for the Uber-ization of CPAs?
  4. Our jobs are dead. Time to learn new ones.
  5. The top 5 things next-gen leaders want us to know
  6. The No. 1 leadership skill you must have
  7. The CPA profession of tomorrow will be ‘almost unrecognizable’ — and that’s a good thing
  8. The No. 1 skill you need to be future-ready is anticipation
  9. Quit talking about change. Do something about it instead
  10. Innovation to drive growth
  11. The future of finance is strategy
  12. Closing the gap: How to beat the competency crisis in accounting
  13. Top traits of successful CPAs? Anticipation comes in at No. 3
  14. 16 brilliant thoughts about innovation from three brilliant innovators
  15. CPAs aren’t doomed … they’re transforming
  16. Top 3 issues in talent development and human capital
  17. Our problem isn’t generational. It’s the changing nature of business
  18. 25 great apps to improve your personal and professional lives
  19. Anticipation: Few things are as important
  20. CAS are skyrocketing … and the skills we need to do them right are evolving


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