How To Get BLI Online Courses to Your Members

BLI was started by an association, so we understand the challenges that come with bringing high-quality professional learning to your members. Many of the courses in our catalog can be delivered directly to your members, and we’ll help you every step of the way.

Your members want the best programs and learning experiences possible. BLI wants to help you make that happen for them. That’s why we’ve developed technology and processes for you to be able to bring BLI courses to your community in a variety of ways.

Providing BLI Courses to Your Members


Add BLI courses to your existing catalog.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • If your course catalog has API capabilities, BLI courses can appear automatically through the BLI API, or
  • Add BLI courses to your catalog via csv upload or by manual entry

OR, BLI can build a custom catalog for you on a custom web domain.

Link from your website and other marketing materials to, where your community can see a page with your branding and the course offerings you’ve selected for them.


Customers can buy courses on your website.

If you have an e-commerce engine, your customers can buy BLI course registrations on your website.

OR, customers can buy courses on your custom page on BLI’s website.

Whether you use your own course catalog or our’s, you can send users to your branded portion of the BLI website to complete purchase. Your customers will have to create an account on BLI’s website to complete this transaction.


Customers attend courses on your website.

This is possible whether your customer purchased the course on your site or on the BLI website. There are 2 ways to make this happen:

  • If your website or LMS has an open API connection, it can access BLI content for delivery via the API, or
  • BLI can provide to you content packages for any given course (SCORM files, video files, etc.)

OR, customers can attend courses on the BLI website.

This is possible whether your customer purchased the course on your site or on the BLI website. Since you know which of your customers purchased which of your courses (whether the purchase was on your website, or with BLI directly), you send a custom unique URL to each customer which grants them access to the program when they enter the email address associated with their purchase.

Featured Courses for Associations

Bring our most unique and valuable products to your members

Learning the skill of anticipation is one of the most valuable tools you can offer your members. Now, thanks to our partnership with Burrus Research, Inc., you can bring them insights from the leading minds behind this #FutureReady competency.

Anticipatory Leader: Accounting & Finance Edition and Anticipatory Organization: Accounting & Finance offer in-depth training for individuals and organizations looking to hone their skills in proactive thinking. Developed and hosted by renowned futurist Daniel Burrus, these products are perfect for leaders and managers, planners, and sales teams. Contact our team to learn more about how BLI can bring them to your members.

What Clients Say

Diana Keener

We don't want any technology limitation to stop you from bringing valuable content to your members.

BLI is prepared to help you offer BLI courses to your community and to eliminate any and all technical hurdles. This is one more way we seek to earn the right to be YOUR STRATEGIC LEARNING PARTNER.