With associations at your side, you’re closer than you think

I don’t know if you caught it, but LinkedIn ran its first-ever televised ad during last night’s Academy Awards.

It was brilliant.

Here it is. Watch it and be amazed:

In 30 seconds, LinkedIn found a way to communicate the undeniable power of networks. They found a way to visualize the notion that if I’m connected to you, and you’re connected to them, and they’re connected to those people, then there’s nothing we can’t do.

In 30 seconds, they found a way to communicate the power of associations.

That’s what the MACPA (and each of your professional associations, for that matter) does for you. We help you connect the dots. You’re busier than ever. You’ve got your work to do. So we do the work of connecting you to the people, information and resources you need to succeed.

In a world defined by social connections, our networks and relationships matter more than ever. That’s the power of associations. We build your networks. We make those connections. We protect your profession. We bridge the gaps.

To paraphrase LinkedIn, with your professional association at your side, you’re closer than you think.

Relationships matter. Networks matter. Associations matter.

In the social age, they might be the only things that matter.


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