10 critical steps to mastering change

Change isn’t going away. We’ll be dealing with it until the day we die.

The question is, HOW will we deal with it?

Keith Mueller has a few ideas.

The innovative CEO of BookKeeping Express offered up 10 steps to becoming what he calls “a true change agent” during his talk at the 2015 Xerocon conference in Denver. Let’s count ’em down:

  1. Learn. The only way you’re going to beat the pace of change is to out-learn it.
  2. Develop a vision. Anticipate transformative change and position your organization to take advantage of that change before it occurs.
  3. Believe in that vision. If you don’t, who will?
  4. Train your team. Some leaders wring their hands and say, “What will happen if I train my team and they leave?” A better question is, “What will happen if I DON’T train my team and they stay?”
  5. Empower your team. Give them permission to act, to solve problems, and yes, to make mistakes. That’s the only way they’ll learn, after all.
  6. Measure and evaluate. Crunch the numbers. Data tells a compelling story.
  7. Embrace success … and failure. Each provides lessons in how to move forward.
  8. Have fun. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  9. Do it yourself. Your team won’t buy into your vision unless you do first.
  10. Communicate. Tell everyone why this is important, why it matters to your clients, your stakeholders, and your organization. When your team understands why it matters, they’ll toe the line.

Once you’ve done those things, do them again. And again. And again.

That repetition is key, Mueller said. And why? Because change is on a continuous loop. This isn’t a one-and-done deal. This is our new normal.

Ready … set … go.


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