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In our fast paced and digital world, it’s easy to overlook effective ways to grow your firm. In this course, you will learn how to develop clear messaging about your firm’s services, the essential ingredients you need for effective digital marketing, and how to turn leads into

Learning Objectives
  • Generate quality leads using the firm’s website and email.
  • Take prospects through an organized and effective business development pipeline.
Major Topics
  • Identify the elements of clear and compelling marking messages
  • How to create lead generating content and strategy
  • Setting – and achieving – revenue goals
  • Phases of the business development pipeline
  • Why your firm needs a business development quarterback, and what that role does
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Communication
T Shaped Professional Leadership
CPE Field of Study
Communications and Marketing
Jon Hubbard
Advanced Preparation


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The Most Essential Growth Strategies | BUNDLE (5 COURSES)

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