Return of the Economist: Emerging from COVID-19 Economic Update with Anirban Basu – Realterm


COVID-19 has rocked what had appeared to be a nearly invincible economy; one associated with substantial job growth, multi-decade lows in unemployment, sturdy compensation increases, robust retail sales, low inflation, and strong financial market performance. Underneath that strong performance, however, was a set of fragilities that have been exposed by the pandemic. This webinar speaks to our current economic circumstances, how difficult things are likely to become over the foreseeable future, and the contours of the brisk recovery to come thereafter.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn why economists assume people are rational even though, at times, this assumption seems to be false
  • Explore how to use various economic models and theories to explain how people behave, and how they will react to various policies and incentives
  • Understand the principle of revealed preference, and why there is usually a gap between what people say and what they do
  • Gain an understanding of the critical importance of price theory, and how prices transmit information, allocate resources, and distribute income
  • Debate the morality and ethics of various policies and issues facing citizens today
Major Topics
  • How parents decide to divide their wealth
  • Population growth: Blessing or curse
  • Does the government deficit and the trade deficit hurt or help the economy
  • Should the tax code be scrapped What would replace it
  • Why do laundries charge less for men’s shirts than for women’s
  • Do companies really plan obsolescence
  • Why are shopping carts getting bigger
  • Why is movie theater popcorn so expensive
  • Should there be a free market in human organs
  • Why we are getting so fat
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Strategic and Critical Thinking
CPE Field of Study
Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of human behavior and explore the ideas of the worlds most innovative economists

Anirban Basu


Realterm Global, Inc.
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Jul 22, 2020
9:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT
Realterm Global, Inc.
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Return of the Economist: Emerging from COVID-19 Economic Update with Anirban Basu – Realterm

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