NABA – Effects of Imposter Syndrome on Corporate Diversity


Don’t let imposter syndrome effect your career! Imposter syndrome is the belief that you are not deserving of your success despite impressive accomplishments. This false belief system can drive an individual to self-sabotage, turn down career and growth opportunities, and limit their own career trajectories. Join instructor Maya Bordeaux as she explains the cause and effects of imposter syndrome, reason that underrepresented identities are more strongly affected, and ways that individuals and companies can combat the negative effects of imposter syndrome.

Learning Objectives
  • Define “imposter syndrome” and the five types of “imposters”
  • Identify how the effects of imposter syndrome differ based on gender and ethnicity
  • Identify the effects of imposter syndrome on a societal level
  • Recognize how imposter syndrome affects diversity in corporate and academic institutions
  • Recognize the ways that employers can combat the effects of imposter syndrome
Business Learning Institute
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Personal Development
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Feb 9, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
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NABA – Effects of Imposter Syndrome on Corporate Diversity

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