MedStar – Global Ethics and Fraud Trends


Unethical behavior can ruin professional careers. It can also result in fines, penalties, or even a loss of licensure. In addition, a typical entity will lose 5% of annual revenues to schemes perpetrated by unethical fraudsters. This course focuses on the moral dilemmas regularly faced by those that work in either public accounting or industry and how to making the most ethical decisions. This course will also discuss the trends and fraud schemes that lead to such losses, as well as best practices for preventing and detecting them, including strengthening critical internal controls for today’s operating environment.

Learning Objectives

• Recall the foundation of ethical behavior
• Recognize moral and ethical dilemmas faced in day-to-day situations
• Identify important principles underlying ethical decision-making
• Distinguish recent trends in fraud schemes and how to prevent or detect them, including strengthening key controls critical for today’s business environment
• Indicate common traits of fraud perpetrators and red flags to be alert for to mitigate fraud risk
• Recall results of recent fraud surveys to practical application of mitigating fraud risk

Major Topics

• Introduction to the concept of ethics
• Examples of handling personal and professional moral dilemmas
• Suggested steps in making ethical decisions
• The importance role that ethics in internal controls needed to achieve organizational objectives
• Review highlights from recent fraud survey of common fraud trends
• Differentiate various types of fraud and abuse
• Discuss cyber-security and electronic environment fraud risk trends

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Behavioral Ethics
Who Should Attend

Public and private accounting professionals interested in improving ethical decision-making and mitigating fraud risk

Jennifer Louis


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Oct 18, 2022
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm EST
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MedStar – Global Ethics and Fraud Trends

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