BUY BUNDLE CPA Canada – MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Business Strategy – V 2.0 | BUNDLE (6 COURSES)


MBAexpress provides essential business savvy over the course of 6 1-hour online learning modules.

Business Benefits of Sustainability – V 2.0: Does your business have a sustainability initiative? Recognize the benefits and business impact of sustainability and identify the steps to get started.

Creativity and Innovation – V 2.0: You will discover new ways to break through mental barriers, SALY thinking, and roadblocks in order to improve performance, creative thinking, and innovation.

International Business – V 2.0:  This course will discuss what you need to consider before you expand your operations into a new country and the steps to starting an international business.

Masterful Marketing – V 2.0:  This module will discuss various methods of lead generation, investing in your people, the importance of branding, and the use of social media.

Risk Management – V 2.0:  Do you know if your organization is risk-averse or risk aggressive? This course will define risk management and discuss the types of risk and risk management processes.

Risk Strategy for Success – V 2.0:  This course will help you identify the importance of why an organization should know its “Why,” how to use backcasting as a strategic planning tool and understand the most important thing about a mission statement.

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CPA Canada – MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Business Strategy – V 2.0 | BUNDLE (6 COURSES)

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