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Against the backdrop of change and uncertainty, there’s an immediate need for the CPA Firm / Corporate leader to evolve and accelerate. The megatrends of technology, demographics, and regulations and standards are driving massive changes in the way CPA Firms work. Today’s partners are faced with a dizzying array of challenges around culture, technology, generations and speed of change. The opportunity has never been greater, the stakes have never been higher, and the risk of doing nothing is growing every day. What can you do to better navigate this VUCA world? How can you influence others to join you? This session offers tips and techniques to manage the present and future by harnessing exponentials and adopting an exponential mindset. Includes the latest on navigating through the #COVID19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives
  • Differentiate between linear and exponential change
  • Identify the 5 C’s of leading in exponential times
  • Apply the hard trends framework to identify and predict trends
  • Learn about the power of purpose and values
  • Understand the top skills and competencies needed for the future
  • Apply exponentials to your strategy
Major Topics
  • How to thrive in this period of exponential change
  • Harness the powerful trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution accelerated by the pandemic
  • Learn about the skills you will need to thrive in a world of exponentials
  • Create a winning culture that can thrive in an era of increasing change
  • Become a proactive future-focused organization and drive transformation and avoid disruption
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Tom Hood


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Leading in Exponential Times – FutureReady Series (Nano Learning Bundle)

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