Kersten Stop Pitching and Start Connecting: Social Media Strategy for Business


In a very busy social media world, how can your business stand out? Stop pitching and start connecting. Based on the book of the same title, this course will help participants choose which channels their target market and customers are using and create a strategy to reach their social media goals.

Learning Objectives
  • Discern which social media channels are right for your business
  • Recognize tools that help with time management when using social media
  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Identify strategies that attract potential customers and clients
  • Identify strategies to communicate with current customers
  • Define how to integrate social media with your other forms of communication, including email
  • Identify ways to improve engagement and create leads
Major Topics

• Understand how social media impacts your brand
• What sites are your customers or clients using
• What sites are your ideal target market using
• Difference between social media sites
• Strategies to brainstorm and employ
• Time management tools
• Case studies and examples
• Ideas to increase engagement across all channels

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Leadership
T Shaped Professional Communication
CPE Field of Study
Communications and Marketing
Who Should Attend

Marketing and communication professionals, decision makers, management, executives, and anyone with influence in an organization

Alex Theis


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Nov 22, 2021
10:00 am - 2:00 pm EST
Live – Online Webcast
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Kersten Stop Pitching and Start Connecting: Social Media Strategy for Business

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