EMERGENT Excel Advanced Features, Functions/ Microsoft Office 365

Major Topics
  • Range names
  • Name Manager dialog box for quick cell/range identification and formula building
  • IF testing, nested function rules, decision making functions and lookup
  • Financial function capabilities
  • Date and text functions
  • Multiple criteria functions of SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS
  • Pivot Table calculations • Conditional Formatting to identify data patterns and duplicates in color
  • Suppress the display of Excel error messages in cells
  • Use formula auditing tools to trace formula dependencies across sheets
  • Use the watch window to track calculations on a sheet
  • Use the Data Validation feature to control user input
  • Group and outline according to formula structure
  • Create and repair external formula links
  • Control calculation of external links with user prompt controls
  • Link from Excel to Word
  • Group worksheets to take action on more than one worksheet at the same time
  • Use 3-dimensional functions across sheets
  • Copy sheets in the same file or to a new file
  • Understand list design rules and the new Table feature
  • Use Pivot Tables to analyze data by category with subtotals
  • Learn Pivot Table tips for recalculation and duplicating Pivot Tables
  • Create a Pivot Table report of unique values, codes or categories from data
  • Create a calculated field in a Pivot Table
  • Use Excel commands to create multiple Pivot Tables automatically
  • Create a Pivot Table of multiple consolidated ranges
  • Record macro examples for printing, formatting, and data cleanup
  • Understand the variety of ways to run macros
  • See what’s new in Excel
  • Take away templates and references for after class use
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EMERGENT Excel Advanced Features, Functions/ Microsoft Office 365

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