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Learning Objectives
  1. Identify legal issues with corporate management, employee manuals, intellectual property and contracts
  2. Identify components of a contract
  3. Recognize ways to protect intellectual Properties
  4. Recognize key differences between planning and budgeting
  5. Identify best practices to use in your planning process
  6. Define key elements of rolling forecasts
  7. Describe two ways to determine a break-even
  8. Identify the impact of a disaster
  9. Avoid a disaster increase from fear
  10. Define the fraud triangle
  11. Define the purpose and use of a fraud risk assessment
  12. Determine where the greatest opportunity of committing fraud is in an organization
  13. Identify the components in a ration analysis
  14. Identify methods for predicting cash flow
  15. Recognize techniques that will lead to greater confidence in any negotiation situation
  16. Identify when to use the anchor effect in negotiating
  17. Identify the two types of negotiations
  18. Identify the seven skills of negotiation
Business Learning Institute
Course Level
CPE Field of Study
Jennifer Elder Peter Margaritis
Advanced Preparation

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MBAexpress: Key Concepts of Adding Value | BUNDLE (6 COURSES)

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