Arabella Advisors – (AM) Building a Culture of Accountability: A New Model for Leadership & Execution (Day 1 – Group 1)


Is your team aligned, engaged and accountable? Is your team consistently and predictably executing? Do your managers have the tools to build a culture of accountability? Are YOU consistently making and honoring commitments?

In today’s business reality, there is no shortage of ideas, but a woeful lack of consistent and predictable execution. Firms and teams are not achieving their objectives (big or small). If your firm or teams are not optimally executing, then this workshop experience is for your entire team.

Here’s what one attendee had to say about Building a Culture of Accountability …

“Jeff’s seminar Building a Culture of Accountability is immediately applicable and deeply transformational. Jeff’s clarity about communicating commitments is very insightful. Jeff’s Stickless Accountability™ will transform the way everyone in an organization works together. I see unhelpful, “energized” communication every day; Jeff has the antidote: intentionally Unenergized Communication. I highly recommend this seminar for all business owners, executives, managers, and team members.” Sean Moorhead, Calfee, Halter & Griswold

This program will help every leader, manager and team members embrace a self-accountability mindset founded upon clear commitments and personal integrity. The outcome for the team and firm is more consistent and predictable execution on objectives.

Learning Objectives
  • Establish clear expectations and commitments
  • Recognize personal integrity as a core value
  • Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Provide supportive accountability for results
  • Implement Stickless Accountability™
  • Recognize how to engage team members with others-focused communication
  • Amplify communication, clarity and alignment
  • Practice un-energized communication
  • Sharpen your management edge for more effective and consistent execution
  • Predictably achieve strategic and tactical objectives
Major Topics

*Understanding and integrating the role of personal integrity in firm communication, commitments and goals *Importance of making clear commitments and the obstacles and road blocks that are getting in the way *Difference between holding people accountable and building a culture of self-accountability *Why traditional accountability methods don’t work *The Stickless AccountabilityTM method for implementing accountability *Obstacles to clear and effective communication *How to practice unenergized communication in your firm and with your team *Importance of other focused communication for your teams and firm

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
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Business & Industry
T Shaped Professional Leadership
Accounting & Auditing
CPE Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
Who Should Attend

Leaders, managers and team members

Jeff Nischwitz


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Oct 28, 2021
9:30 am - 1:00 pm EST
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Arabella Advisors – (AM) Building a Culture of Accountability: A New Model for Leadership & Execution (Day 1 – Group 1)

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