A. Duda & Sons Inc. – Waking Up to Exponential Thinking: A Paradigm Shift for Change and Innovation


In an ever more rapidly changing world, change is no longer an option but an almost daily reality. Jeff Nischwitz invites his audience to embrace a new way of being – what he calls changeitude – to move from being the victim of change to taking control of your business through different thinking, innovation and action.

Everyone wants to talk innovation, but few people or organizations are making it a reality. Jeff Nischwitz explores the obstacles to innovation and offers strategies and tactics for removing these obstacles so that innovation becomes your reality. Shift your paradigms and move outside your comfort zone to experience exponential ways of thinking and innovating, including the power of questions, embracing the and / both, moving from time management to time expansion, and dumping “busy” and other stories. Are you ready to question … everything? Join Jeff Nischwitz and unlock your creative, leadership, and business potential by shifting your thinking, your paradigms, and your perspectives.

Learning Objectives

Jeff will be exploring a new and different way of being and doing business designed to take every attendee outside their comfort zone and share exponential ways of thinking, including the following:
1. Impact and power of shifting from communication through statements to empowerment and innovation through questions
2. Exponential ways of thinking to increase your effectiveness and outcomes
3. Embracing the magic of and / both thinking and problem solving
4. Trash your To Do list and get into action
5. Debunking stories that are keeping you from achieving your objectives
6. Dumping “busy” in favor of execution and impact

Major Topics

*Realities of change
*Navigating change, on purpose and by design
*Shifting from impossible to possibilities
*Power of questions
*Moving from activities to execution and impact
*Identifying and overcoming the obstacles to change and innovation
*Strategies for engaging your team in change
*Shifting thinking to shift outcomes
*Exponential thinking and leadership

Business Learning Institute
Course Level
Professional Area of Focus
T Shaped Professional Integration and Collaboration
T Shaped Professional Leadership
CPE Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
Who Should Attend

All team members

Jeff Nischwitz


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Nov 13, 2020
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
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A. Duda & Sons Inc. – Waking Up to Exponential Thinking: A Paradigm Shift for Change and Innovation

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